[MENRI] Forge Your Path with Menri Mining Militia

We’re on the lookout for new pilots interested in mining, industry, and occasional PvP in both high-sec and low-sec space.

What we offer:

  • Mining opportunities in high-sec/low-sec
  • Ice mining in our own low-sec system
  • Mission running
  • BuyBACK program at 91% Jita sell value to corp
  • Access to PvP
  • 15 years of EXP in any part of the game

What we seek:

To build a robust corporation where members can share our passion for production and logistics.

What you bring:

  • Enthusiasm for the game
  • Willingness to learn
  • Desire to contribute to the corporation

Join us today.

:pick: How to join us: :pick:

:link: Discord: Menri Mining Militia
:link: Ingame channel: Menri Pub

Warm regards,

Bram Shady

Menri Mining Militia Recruitment Officer

Still recruiting for EU/US TZ! :smiley:

Up and running, increasing in Members, join us now!

UIUI our group is growing! Come and take part. :slight_smile:

Its Sunday, nice day to mine some rocks with us! o7