Returning player looking for mining corp

Hello everyone,

I get to play daily January thru March , then occasionally thru the rest of the year when real life takes priority. I am looking for a mining corp that can make use of my 3 Rorqual pilots, hulk/home defense pilot and my Jita alt. I have played off and on for several years and prefer mining and pve above pvp. The skill points of my toons are 80 mil, 67.5 mil, 60 mil, and 42 mil. I use TS3 atm.

our corp is just starting up if you fancy helping out we are just hisec mining with some industry message me if interested

o/ Gitsome,

I sent you a mail in-game.

We are currently looking for miners in our Null sec operation. come over and check us out We might be a good fit for you!

Thank you everyone. I found a home.

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