[0.0] Belfast Mining and Brewing is Recruiting!


(Hadrian Gunvald) #1

Are you drinking right now? We are!

Have you ever passed out behind the wheel of your Hulk and crashed into an asteroid? We have too!

New Belfast Mining and Brewing is recruiting Miners and all of Combat focused individuals for our small, lose-knit dysfunctional Null Sec corporation.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity, we are really selective with our recruitment, our community and our beer matter more than the number of people that we have, so if you are looking for that special place in eve where you can feel as though you are in the company of friends, (and have someone who will drive your ship home for you after you pass out) then we are the right fit for you.

Mining Opportunities: Mine as much as you like with the support of our corporation (we run corporate wide mining ops whenever there’s enough sober folks around). We also have an ore buyback program so you don’t have to deal with the headache that null-sec shipping brings!

Ratting Facilities: Short of cash after buying a shiny new ship? We have extensive Ratting opportunities to either test that boat out or make Isk to buy the next one.

Beer: We like beer. I mean really, who doesn’t?

Can you play well with others? Can you drink like an Irishman with a full wallet at the pub? Then come and take advantage of some of the nicest space that Eve has to offer! We’re in Branch as part of the ChaosTheory renters program!

New Belfast Mining and Brewing offers our members:

0.0 Mining/Ratting
A truly great environment to operate in.
Access to alliance fleets for those looking for a bit of a PvP fix
Upgraded Systems for Mining/Ratting.
Corporate Discord.
Moon Mining
Solid group of (kinda) sober people to ask for advice
Exploration opportunities for those adventurous folks
Corporate industry assistance (when we can find the right buttons to push)

New Belfast Mining and Brewing is looking for:

Relaxed and friendly pilots
Old and New Miners alike
Combat Pilots of all types.
Logistics people
Ratters and PvE
Players who want to be a part of a team. (Leave the drama llama at the door!)
Beer, that stuff is always in short supply.
Pilots from all TZ’s welcome.
All levels of experience (new and returning players)
Are active on Discord

Are prepared to contribute towards the corporation and our community of like minded people. At New Belfast Brewing, we believe primarily in friends and community, work with us and be a part of something great.

Our Minimum Requirements:

5 mil SP (might be waived for the right candidate, come talk to us anyway!) Voice Interview and Full API Key required.

Mail Skoll Amatin or Hadrian Gunvald in-game with any questions you might have! Or join our public channel NBB.PUB and chat and drink with us!

New Belfast Mining and Brewing,
A Drinking Corporation with a Mining Problem.

EUTZ; 120mil returning player looking for smaller null-sec corp
Looking for a Corp in null sec for a Miner
Returning Player LF Mining/PvE in Gallente Space
Newbie (well, returning from 2015) - (504k SP so far)
6mil SP Returning Player looking for a chill corp
Returning player looking for mining corp
70mil SP Looking for a Fun and Easygoing Corp
Returning Player Looking for Corp
Returning player looking for corp and good times
70mil SP Pilot looking for a new nulsec corp/alliance
11m sp specialized pilot looking for pve Corp. in gallente space
Looking for High sec corp based around Mani
Returning player, 80+m sp, looking for
New player looking for a corp to mine for
Looking for a place to lay my hat
New Player Lf Corp
40M SP Fairly New to game looking for corp
90ish Mil SP Vet looking for work in industry
Kind of new, kind of not. Mining/scavenging
(DrButterfly PHD) #2


I see you guys are based out of NLPB-0 in Branch. If you are interested in moving, we are looking for a group of miners who can work with us (we’re pvp focused).

Mail me in game if interested.


(skittles Enaka) #3

Belfast miners… any chance u guys are from northern Ireland? if so i am aswell haha

(Hadrian Gunvald) #4

Most of our guys are in fact not from the Emerald Isle. Our founder has a strong Irish backround and we have pilots from around the globe. come chat with us you might find us a good fit :smiley:

(Hadrian Gunvald) #5

New Belfast Mining is Still Recruiting and Drinking!!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #6

WE are still Recruiting!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #7

New Belfast is still looking for folks!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #8

WE are still recruiting!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #9

Recruitment is still open.

(Hadrian Gunvald) #10

New Belfast is still looking for old timers, and New guys alike! Message me and we’ll talk!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #11

We are still accepting Applications!!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #12

We still are on the hunt for good people and drinking miners!! come check us out!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #13

Recruitment is still open!

(Feyd Harrkonnan) #14

Close to a well seeded market, with freight services I might add

(Hadrian Gunvald) #15

We are still looking for miners, ratters and folks looking for a good home!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #16

Recruitment is still open!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #17

Open call for all miners and ratters!!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #18

We are still taking applications!

(Hadrian Gunvald) #19

come out and chat with us! we are still taking apps from folks!

(Guddah) #20

Gods country!! +1 for the name