Belfast Mining and brewing is Recruiting!

Can you play well with others? Can you drink like an Irishman with a full wallet at the pub? Well New Belfast is recruiting mature pilots for a growing, tight knit, though slightly dysfunctional, null sec indy corp.

We are a real life first indy corp with many opportunities to make ISK including mining, ratting, manufacturing and worm hole diving in Null Sec space. We also offer (weekly) PVP events just to spice things up a bit.

Our focus has always been on a mix of having fun in PvE, building an Indy empire and spending the Isk we make on killing anything Red. We are selective with our recruitment because our community and our vision matter to us. If you are looking for a special place in Eve where you can feel as though you are in the company of friends and actually have fun flying around shooting people or making isk, then we might be the right fit for you.

We offer:

group Mining/Ratting with multiple system upgrades.

rewards for dedicated, contributing members

Training opportunities for newer PvP pilots and a path to move to much bigger things for those that desire it.

NewBro Friendly

Experienced senior leadership that can help guide new and old players alike in nearly anything eve offers.

Varied PVP opportunities

Our Requirements:

A desire to learn and expand what you do in game

A willingness to help fulfill the corporate vision and activities

Minimum 5 million SP

Full background ESI check

Willingness to participate and just have fun

If we seem like a fit for you join come join our discord and talk with us, We might be your new home.


NBMB has great people to learn and grow with.

Shameless bump…ok maybe a little shame…

The good ones always come back to the place where everyone knows your name.

Still looking for new faces

Astrotech hosted another training op today. One of the many perks of joining a corp like New Belfast that is allied with a highly experienced pvp corp.

Still looking for more help in a great community

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