Returning Player LF Mining/PvE in Gallente Space


I’m a recently returned player with tons of RL responsibilities looking for a laid back, casual group to join for occasional mining ops and PvE content. Most of the time you’ll find me semi afk mining in a barge in Gallente space. I’ve also got the ability to fly up to battleships, have access to t4 missions, and have recently started running combat sites in C1 wormholes.

Currently sitting at 11.2 million skill points. Happy to share an API on request.

Thanks all, and fly safe!

Have you considered Null sec?? if not Maybe take a look at what we have and stop by to chat if you are interested, We might be a good fit.

This guy is correct sadly. Nullsec is safer than highsec, and actually makes isk. Highsec is dead in modern eve for anything other than trade hubs…

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