11m sp specialized pilot looking for pve Corp. in gallente space

Suhh, I am just coming back to the game after a 5 year break and would like to find a nice little PvE Corp to settle in for awhile. Not to worried if there is the occasional war deck from time to time and will help out with that in smaller ships, but would rather find a group of friendly pilots to chill and do missions with while I get me space legs back on.

why go high sec when you can go Null sec :smiley: after all they say once go Null you never go back…

check out what we have and come chat with us we might be a good fit for you !

Contact us …we are a chatty bunch joking around and social. HS

Hey o/

We’re a HiSec corp, currently small, but quickly growing. We mainly mine, but moving onto other areas of PVE, depending on what the members want.

We have a mix of new and old so can help bring you up to speed, and equally there are new players you could probably share experience with too.

We’re an easy going bunch, usually on discord, and if you want more info our corp ad is here:

and you can contact us here:

Private Chat / Mail: PLANKTON PLANKTON or Type Blue
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel

Thanks, TB o/

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