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Hey All,

I am getting back into EVE after a long break from the game. My main focus has been hisec PVE mainly with missions, but am capable of doing some mining. I am looking for a corp. that operate in hisec (preferably in Amarr space) that is in the US timezone (preferably west coast). I like blowing NPCs up and would like to try and do it with a good group of people.

Thank you,

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Hey Kohnas,
If I can sway you to make some money in Nulsec, you should check out Rebels of Industry. We have a bunch of rare moons for you to mine and a lot of great ratting with easy NPCs (Gurista space). Let me know if that interests you at all. I’ll link the advert for you to view.

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Howdy! 07 We are Null Sec mostly but have players that hang in HS, we also encourage that if you ever want to explore null sec and go for the 10 - 15 mill ratting ticks that you are welcome to do so at any point… Take a quick peek at our ad and see if our digital family would be a good fit for you. Looking forward to meeting you! :slight_smile:

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