Industrialist / miner looking for home

I am looking for a 0sec home to mine produce t2 mods/ammo + capitals + fuel. Ice anomaly is a must have.
For now i am mining with Orca+2x covetors. Orca will be upgraded to Rorqual so decent intel + possibility to defend assets in space will be needed. No renter or sub renter corps are needed.
Regarding CTA i am ok with home defense or fleets that would take no more than 4 hours/month of game time.
If you can offer something similar please contact me by private forum message, ingame mail or just reply to this post.

We do have access to nullsec space however we do rent, rent is covered by me and CTAs are optional. Fraternity want us to build 600+ capitals and 60+ rorquals so the stuff we build will be bought as quickly as its being built.

The Flagon- laid back corp/o.o nullsec /pvp/pve/indy players wanted Come check us out see if we are a good fit!!!

From what i see you are part of Brothers Of Tangra, which is renting alliance. Thus you are renters right? If so what payments/taxes do you require from your members. Per toon or per month basis.

0% tax
100 mil/ toon /per montrh

our alliance recently moved to paragon soul and has a need for miners in our ice/moon mining system. IRC has been around a long time in game and is a great bunch of guys from all over the globe. contact me for more info

Hello, 2 icebelts here

Mail sent o7

Still looking thanks you for offers.

did you find someone yet?

If you’re still looking, we’re a primarily indy corp living in null

We’re RL first with no mandatory CTAs. We have active members across most timezones

We live in NPC null and don’t rent

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