Industrialist oriented pilot looking for a Corp


I started eve about 5 days ago and I really like the industrialist aspect of the game. I am looking for a larger corp that wages wars, and needs a lot of loss replenishment.

Me on my own I can’t figure out what to do, then I get bored and end up quitting, so I need a goal/target to work towards to, besides the brainless ISK grinding. I am willing to learn/participate in PvP when needed, but majority of the time I would like to be busy with industrialist activities such as mining, refining and manufacturing.

I do not know much about the game yet, so joining someone that knows a thing or two can not hurt!
I’m usually online from 17:00 to 21:00 during the weekdays East Coast time. So I am looking for a corp that is active on the same time belt as me!

Thanks for checking out my post!
Best Regards

Come and have a chat with us my friend :slight_smile:

Where? In game?

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On our discord :slight_smile:
The discord link is
At the bottom of the recruitment post :slight_smile:

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