Industry Corp Job Opportunities

I’m wondering if there is a good way to go about making a business deal with a pvp corp about producing products for them without having to ask directly or by contracts.

Hmm, how do you want to make a deal without asking and make contact? If you want to have a anonymous “relationship”, sell your stuff on the public markets, this is their purpose.

EDIT: Personally I’m an independent producer, giving the freedom to produce whatever I want and when I want.

That probably depends on their needs and your capabilities to quickly produce necessary volumes. When that group needs 50 Tengus tomorrow for a fleet, can you do that? Or 30 random assault frigates, ceptors, logi frigates. Or 200 of a certain weapon, tank module, tackle module or arcane module like hictor point, entosis link, capital modules, etc. Can you do that?

Most even marginally serious PvP corps require varied ships,modules,assets.For example they may need faction ships for x task today,t2 ships for something else,t3 for another,caps for larger fights.If you wish to not have contact with them move what assets you wish to sell close to them and list them publicly if they find it a good deal they’ll buy them.
Also you should consider how many they are and if they lose stuff frequently,if its like a dozen people and they lose 1-2 ships a week it isn’t worth it if they got over 100 people and lose on average 10-20 ships a day it can be ok business.Also consider how far this operation would be from a market most focused PvP corps have alts to ferry ships and mods to them.Good luck.

I would imagine that locating an area close to PVP action such as a low sec gate, I have pretty good sales in Friggi it is a 0.5 and a lot of jumps from Jita, plenty of PVE as that area is where storyline mods come from, and ships die here regularly because the rats are different, these scam and hit harder, it’s good area and under supplied.

I spent a bit of time building doctrine ships for a PVP corporation and just looked at an old bill of material worksheet for a contract that included 5 Exequror and 10 Thorax. Each Exequror had 13 modules and 3 rigs and 5 medium armor repair drones - each Thorax 14 modules, 3 rigs, 5 medium combat drones and several thousand rounds of ammunition. The bill of material for all that stuff was over 200 lines.

Actually building the ships was the easy part - assembling the material was a lot of work, minerals and PI could be sourced locally but the advanced moon material for the T2 modules and salvage for the rigs needed to be flown in from Jita!

I’m glad I had that experience, it’s a part of the game that doesn’t get a lot of attention but there wouldn’t be any fleets if people didn’t build doctrine ships. Nowadays I sell T2 modules and drones in trade hubs - a whole lot easier and a lot more profitable!

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