INDY CAP Building Corp Looking For 0.0 Home


Hypnotic Anarchy is looking for a 0.0 home. Our Main focus is building capital ships with a view of moving into supercap production in the future. The corp has experienced leadership that has been in many large 0.0 alliances. Currently we are small but are looking to grow over the next few months. We feel that living in 0.0 will make it alot easier for us to recruit the kind of player the corp requires to expand and flourish.

Thanks you for your time & i look forward to hearing from our future home.


Draco Benedictus

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mail me in game for info regarding an alliance

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Hey @Draco_Benedictus,

Mostly sober has a great system setup for that and all the production infrastructure setup as well as a full buyback program. If you want to know more let me know and I’ll get you with our diplos. We are currently evicting some reds so good time to come on down.

Look forward to flying with you.

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Mail “Ashterothi” in game for info regarding an alliance.

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