InnoTech Industries(We shoot stuff) JOIN US DAMMIT


(Steele Hawke) #1

New Alliance with spec fleets!
Wormhole delving (Very good isk maker and CEO is well versed)
English is a must.
Discord is a must. Discord activity is a must.
Experienced is needed and new pilots are welcome AS LONG AS YOU ARENT RETARDED.
We have people from the U.S., UK, and Austrailia so we operate on a pretty wide range.
We have a clear short term goal and long term goal to work toward.
We have our headquarters in .6 space in prime newby territory so newbies can get good missions, ore, and markets. We also have some facilities where pvp will be a thing so we need a fleet.
Ore buyback program for certain ores.
Frigate ship replacement for new pilots.
Fun laid back corp that gets serious when we need to be.
Athanor and moon mining! some come reap the rewards!
We need pvp’ers to help build a fleet! Also good pve’rs for lvl 4 mission lp farming.
New corp so the fun of getting established and having a small band of brothers to work towards a fun and rewarding goal. For information Discord is send a message to Steele Hawke, or Haly.

Very very new player
Looking for a corp to hang with (Mining, PVE, PVP)
(Rattl3snak3 Dron3) #2

20% less than jita while being 6 jumps away…

Get ■■■■■■

(Ag3nt Jita) #3

Tell your pilots that im buying back all their stuff for 81% jita price

(Steele Hawke) #4

ok so with taxes its not like you are losing much off the top. plus how are we going to pay our transport man? people dont do things for free, so yes

(Ag3nt Jita) #5

Do it like the big bois and buy it back at 20% below buy orders. Btw my offer was serious!

(Steele Hawke) #6

ok man will do are you able to come get it from our location no prob?

(Rattl3snak3 Dron3) #7

SO what is the corp goal exactly?

(Steele Hawke) #8

We are buiding up numbers for the short term while missioning and mining. We are getting high standings with the corp next to us so we can set up high sec processing plants(short term) and expanding to start indy. once we have a steady cash flow and people with skills built up we will establish places in low and null sec (long term). which will lead to pvp opportunities

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