[INOU] Inevitable Outcome [C2 5/0.0 PVP CORP] [EU]

Looking for more people to join the fun

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I’m still looking for somewhere to rest my guns 72m sp I was in a null sec corp for a few month but got kicked for not logging in for a week due to work commitments so I am a bit weary joining corps due to this :roll_eyes:

Hey man,

Just seen your post sorry, I saw you jumped in to discord at around 5am - we are mainly EU - not sure where abouts you are from?

We dont kick people for inactivity - RL always comes first mate.

If you are still interested give me a nudge on discord/in game when you are next around and we can have a chat :slight_smile:


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Thx for reply man I left your discord serve as was told you not taking new recruits send discord link pls :blush:

We stopped for a while, but 100% back open :slight_smile:
Up she goes

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Still looking for more members :slight_smile:

Up up up
Still looking for more pew pew peeps

To the top, come join the fun!

Recruitment still open - up she goes