[INOU] Inevitable Outcome [C2 5/0.0 PVP CORP] [EU]

Still Recruiting :slight_smile:

o/ still recruiting

Still recruiting, more less constant PVP!

Up to the top, looking for people interested in null and wh fighting.

Still active and recruiting!

We are still recruiting :slight_smile: Come check out what WH’s have to offer

Looking for more people to come join the fun

Up she goes, still looking for more like minded players to fill the ranks

rumpus bumpus

Up she goes, recruitment open

Recruitment is still open.

Recruiting. More EU members wanted :slight_smile:

Still recruiting.
Merry xmas all

Looking for more members :slight_smile:

Bumping to the top

Recruitment still open

Up she goes, still recruiting

Bump to the top, still recruiting

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