EU / LF PvP Corp

I’m looking for a PvP corp mostly active during EU TZ (I’ve over 200m SP across multiple accounts) :

  • No blob, no enlisted FW
  • If sov is a thing, it has to be used to get more pvp, not spend your life in a belt or an anomaly
  • Pref small scale / outnumbered (if that’s still a thing) pvp
  • High sec is a big no no

You Are Welcome With us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump, still looking.

Sounds like WH is what you are looking for :wink:
Come check us out:

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Active mainly EU, PVP focused c5/5 corp, with plenty of options to make isk.


Eu/uk tz group up here, based in null, as limited as possible standings list, chill but competent when needed and with a rl first attitude.

Stop by for a chat with us if anything of the above might seem like a good fit for youself.

Non bloc, sov null. Check us out!

Nakito Banner 4

No blob, No FW, No sov grind…

Come and have a chat on our running with dogs community discord server

Check out our ad and I’m pretty sure we’d be a good contender for your next Corp

grrka smaller

How does 20 years of pvp sound and well over 100,000 kills. We are very active in terms of pvp and a variety of isk making activities as well. Feel free to hop into our discord or in game public channel to talk about corp/alliance pvp opportunities we can offer you. But with the war between PandaFam and Init/Imperium. I believe you will have all the pvp you could ever desire here shortly.

In the mean time… Stay Dangerous o7

Hey M’tala!

I think -Rude would be a perfect fit for you!

We are a small corp who live in Pochven, so there is absolutely no sov, no wardecks and no FW to worry about!

I have also currently started a Nanogang interrest group, where we try to go after other small groups or the bigger entities that still live in Poch.

There is much more, but our CEO LustThatLuka will be able to tell you more!

Check us out on discord: Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly

Hay bud my alliance live out in npc null and am looking for new pvp members to join my corp you will have plenty of pew pew and plenty of people to go and gank if you wish to do so
If you want to have a chat hit me up ingame or jump in our discord
Fly dangerous

This is my alliance :point_right: Come join The expanse and expand your horizons in eveonline

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