Intergalactic Starchaser Consortium[I5TAR]

About us
Intergalactic Starchaser Consortium was formed to bring like-minded players together for comradary and mutual benefits. We offer a huge host of services for players wanting to grow their presence on Eve. We would like to share our nul sec infrastructure and knowledge to help you succeed, and in turn, help our corporation grow. We are US tz players primarily and operate out of Null.

What We Offer

  • Miners we have access to moon mining , Icebelts and access to refineries.

  • PVE we have access to multiple systems with combat sites.

  • PI we have access to a wide variety of planets for all needs.

  • Industry we access to low tax structures for manufacturing and reactions.

  • PvP we do small fleet roams and defense fleets.

  • We have a discord Server set up for coms.


  • All members must join corp discord. Having a mic isn’t required but preferred

  • Participate in 2 corp ops per month.

  • Must be able to pass a security check

Corp Objectives

  • Develop pilot and player abilities and support access to various types of game content.

  • Enrich players with multiple ISK making avenues.

  • Support the needs of our pilots.

  • Create a fun environment with no drama.

Contact US
Want to know more? Join our in-game public channel “ISC recruiting”, or in-game message Marceline Vampire Queen.

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