Invalid 200 response: 'star_id' is required

I’m now getting this as error message after today’s update when trying to query system information.

This can be reproduced with the web interface, too. I.e. for:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Accept-Language: en-us"

There’s a new v4 version of that route that fixes the issue:

EDIT: CCP are also looking into fixing the error occuring with non-abyssal systems on v3


Good, and thank you. The system 30000144 is Perimeter I believe and it should have just worked.

I’ve tested it now and it works with the dev version, just not with latest, and I haven’t tested any of the previous ones.

Yeah. By way of explanation, there’s currently a monolith bug where none of the normal systems are having their star_id returned, both in latest and in v4. It works in v4 because star_id was made optional in that one to account for the new abyssal systems, but the star_id isn’t present in either route.

According to @CCP_SnowedIn It’s looking like it’ll require a downtime change to fix.


Looks as if it’s working all nicely again.


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Yep, they pushed the change today. Abyssal systems will return a -1 star_id


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