Invictus Imperium of Ranger Regiment & The Imperium

Mission Statement

To support Ranger Regiment & The Imperium in achieving all strategic objectives both home & abroad. We will protect our people, territories, values & interests through strong forces & in partnership with allies, to ensure our security, support our Imperial interests & safeguard our prosperity.

Invictus Imperium is a new bespoke built corporation with a clear vision of what it will achieve both in the interim & long term.

Currently we are recruiting Top down to ensure our Leadership team is aligned to the same goals & objectives.

Our values are Nurture First






What are we looking for?

  • Technical Expert – To assist with any I.T issues

  • PVP & PVE Fleet Commanders - A role we value & believe should be justly rewarded

  • Solo PVP instructors – Same as above

  • HR – Key area as pilots are our most important asset

  • Strategist – Some one with great understanding of Eve past & present

  • Mining Industrialist – Some one with experience of end-to-end process

What can we offer?

A unique opportunity to be apart of a new corporation where your input will assist us in achieving our Mission Statement, help nurture & develop players to ensure they progress whilst having fun.

As of today, we have a predominantly British player base made up of U.K Veterans. Obviously, we put a huge emphasis on teamwork & camaraderie.

Follow the website link for access to our Discord channel where you can drop in & ask any questions.

We welcome & respect applicants from all walks of life.

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