Invite link for a discord server for indians

i dont get to meet many indians in eve in general and i recently discovered a discord server for indians in eve , so if you ever want to discuss eve related stuff with your fellow countrymen , feel free to pop in

Has anyone from the Sioux tribe joined the discord yet?


I am not sure, but you don’t have to be in a certain corp to join it. People from all corners of New Eden who are of Indian origin are welcome.

If the link in the post expired, please use the link posted below.
Fellow pilots who are of Indian origin, or live in India are all welcome. You don’t have to from certain corp or region to be in this discord server. Our goal is to have a communication platform between Indians who are playing EVE, and have a chat. Once we get to have most in there, we will plan to have meet-ups in India :slight_smile:

Please be patient when you join the server before getting access, if any of moderators is afk, give it a couple hours. Fly safe.


yes and we had a traditional tribal dance and buried the hatchet also

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