Iron Armada Recruiting Pilots 15m SP+

English Speaking

Looking for: 15m+ SP PvP pilots who should have or be willing to train dread/fax alts.

Culture: Professional, competitive and tight-knit. No racism/assorted shitbird behavior, etc. You are expected to be active, on comms, and playing with the corp in some way or another.

Main Focus: Fleet, small gang, and black ops PvP (more or less in that order). We live in Fountain sovnull but frequently deploy to other areas of space, whether as mercenaries or just to fight people.

Check us out in our in game recruitment channel, Or mail myself with questions.

Fly safe

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Still looking for quality members.


Been watching a few youtube videos produced by Jurius Doctor. I spent time in null back in the fountain war days. Spent some time with northern coalition years ago and just getting back into eve. Looking for some help getting my bearings back. Roughly 80m sp. Basically cap ready. Can fly rorqual, JF, and just need to inject carrier to fly it. Most of my skills are indy based. Eve mail me. Normally online between 6pm CST till 10pm CST.

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