Is propoganda allowed

Are we allowed to post propoganda and use psychological warfare on this forum

Definitions …

Also, there’s specific places for specific purposes.

Going on rants about how bad an alliance is or post posters portraying the group in bad light.

ranting is not allowed on the forums.

Yes, you are allowed. BUT…

  • Don’t spam (self explanatory).

  • Being asinine is extremely frowned upon (see: “hurr hurr, we beat you noobs, u suckorz” etc). If bad enough your thread runs the risk of being mercilessly trolled and eventually locked for “lack of content.”
    – Rants fall under this category.

  • Post in the appropriate channels / forum sections (see: don’t post propaganda in the Newbie Q&A, Ships & Modules section, Features & Ideas section, the Fiction Portal, and/or threads completely unrelated to wars/alliances). Not following this may draw the ire of the DEVs / GMs / ISD’s and make some of your posts disappear.

  • Don’t single any one person out (exceptions: leaders of a particular group and/or people who stand out under their own power / colorfulness… just don’t make it too personal or serious).

I should also note that the the above are simply my observations. The DEVs / GMs / ISDs can, at any time, apply the rules of the forum as they see fit.

Post your words in C&P and watch the psychological warfare begin.

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Well, sure, but as ISD points out, with limits.

But what he doesn’t mention is that such application of these concepts says more about and does more to the person engaging in it. As opposed to affecting the target.

Let me put it this way, everything that can be done for such things has been done before. Nothing is new. In other words, there is no effect to trigger or stimulate. Efficiency of these methods is very low, or nonexistant, and more often than not it affects the origing, and not the target.

In an environment where every such method has been milked dry - to the point of newbies getting drenched in the application and the history and patterns of it - those who still try to use it become persons of interest as entry point for very different tactics. To use them to spider their circles for behavioural weakpoints, for example.

EVE is a microcosm of behavioural science, cognitive psychology and all the tools and tricks of the trades and tradecrafts civilians rarely think of. The rule of thumb is this: even applied memetic engineering in EVE is only to be used very carefully because any such application shows more openings on the ones using it than those only in theory receiving it.

It’s why psychological warfare through community (so not in game) means is essentially just an excercise in self-gratification, and not an actual application of methods.

My rule of thumb: don’t do it, not without a plan, not without a full behavioural map of established weak points, and not without a slam dunk you know you can reinforce in game.

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To summarize the above:

Propaganda is an “artform” and EVE is a game that has seen everything from “Picassos” of said artform to “2-year-olds with crayons.”

Take your time and craft your art well.

You kinda can, I would just instead go to Reddit instead.

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