Is substance abuse a problem at CCP?

I have looked into the culture at CCP and see a young crowd interested in intoxication over hard work. Eve vegas and other festivities proved this without a doubt.
As a potential customer, I am appalled by seemingly ridiculous decisions handed down after weeks which are wrong and often guided with a attitude of why should I have to deal with our customers?
I suggest you look at eve’s decline and perhaps measure it to your consumption of substance.

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Would you have preferred their true workplace atmosphere at EVE Vegas? Where all of them are at their desks coding, and don’t want to be interrupted by idiot players like us, and thus rely on the security at the front door to keep us the hell away and let them work. Would you have preferred that? Just a fully enclosed booth with a couple bouncers keeping everyone away?

If the answer is “no”, then congrats for finally realizing that EVE Vegas was a promotional / advertising endeavor designed to attract people and entertain them with gimmicks and drunken fun. Though you should look into why it took you so long, and into why this obvious fact had to be pointed out to you.


Eve Vegas was merely the tip of the iceberg in my research.
Social media provides a plethora of information.
I appreciate your comments however.

As a retired real estate lawyer at 42, I have done my version of “coding” in excess of them by quite a margin. I didn’t attend any festivals that were more a vacation and head pat for the undeserving.

As a potential customer I expect quality service and I need to know whether to waste my time on a paid subscription.

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Name a workplace culture that doesn’t involve young or old interested in intoxication over hard work.

I dare you to name attorneys.

It’s always going to be a crap shoot on whether you enjoy the game or not. You sound like you have a lot of free time and money so take a chance.

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Vegas is all about booze, hookers, crack pipes, tattoos, and losing the rent money. Also, soon to be failed marriages. Wait,… maybe this was old Vegas. Nah.

When meeting with a vendor you can measure the amount of bullflop, and lies you’ll be hearing by speed they try to pull a drink in your hands. Seen companies handing out canned beers on the ride to their presentation. Cheap guys could not afford a good scotch.

It’s business. Drink their booze, or not, and go with their competition.

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EVE is dying for entirely different reasons. Going by your name, it’s because CCP’s only goal is chasing after people like you without giving a second thought to their loyal userbase.

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