Is there any reason why Jita 4×4 is the only place everything goes to?

Why are all the surrounding stations so weak, or is it just that it always has been, the reason I ask is because of the ridiculous amount of people blocking the exit you and up stumbling around, I get it that people are looking for ganks, fair enough, but I do what I can to buy elsewhere but sometimes there are no other sell orders to be found.

I don’t question… I just go to where the isk is.

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Historic reason. Jita used to be a mission hub and after CCP shut down Yulai as the main trade hub of the cluster, most traders moved to Jita.

Economic reasons are, among other things, that you don’t need lots of things in other areas. For instance, you don’t need moon goo or reaction materials or even most ships or obscure ammunition in Derelik, Devoid, Genesis, Everyshore or Molden Heath because no one buys them there. Another reason, which is closely connected to the first, is that all the builders need those things in one place so that they don’t need to buy and issue contracts to their production place from all sorts of systems. You want a place in your little town (EVE after all only has about the population of a small rural town) where you can buy all the things without having to check all sorts of arcane places.

If you want to buy things in other places, sell them in those places. There is no reason why players can’t create a new Jita elsewhere. You just need to do it.

As stated, yulai used to be jita. Ccp changed some stargates around in an attempt to spread server load away from yulai. Jita became optimal and everything moved there.

Interestingly, Jita is the main trade hub on the chinese server as well. It wasnt designed this way, the chinese playerbase just settled in jita naturally.

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Why does China play on a separate server?

otherwise we have all markets seeded by “made in china” stuff …

Laws put inplace by the Chinese Government.

However the laws are being relaxed.

China has a law that if you want to sell a game in their country you have to host it with a chinese hosting company.

Otherwise they would play on TQ.

Ive also heard rumor that these laws are being relaxed and we can expect an apocalypse in serenity soon. Im sure they will get to character transfer to tq. And it will be a fun war to fight as the chinese will need to retake any sov they own.

I cant wait.

I’d seriously doubt they are relaxing the in country server stance. They are looking to ban VPNs and tighten their grip.

This absolutely cannot happen. It would ruin our server if they allowed people to transfer any assets from Serenity to Tranquillity. Their rampant botting has caused PLEX prices to rise to over 22b and titans were far more common there than on TQ around the time B-R happened, despite having only around quarter of our PCU.

I for one support 22 billion isk Plex. Just let me stock up first.

You are correct. However i think its unfair to ask them to start over. Their sp sbould at least transfer. Right now 1 isk on tq is worth what… 40 isk on serenity?

If their isk transfered it would be dumb because it would make all of us poor. But, if only assets were moved, the pain would be far less.

Yes, they would buy up a bunch of stuff and transfer that over and sell it for isk. Prices would go up on their server as they bought everything up. When they got here prices would go down as they liquidated.

Probably no way to ensure there is no impact to our economy, but its too unfair to force them to restart.

But what Chinese gonna do on TQ without botting ?

They’ll be right at home on TQ.

Chinese Communistic Swarm Republic?

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