ISD Dorrim Barstorlode you're an idiot

why did you close my post. it broke no rules of the character bazaar. The character for sale posted in the thread. this happens all the time on the forums and no one else ever gets their thread closed. Thanks anyways for being useless. @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

They’re clamping down on people not using the character to post. Probably due to an increased number of scam attempts.
Also, calling him an idiot is a good way to get forum banned.

Also, if you’re going to call someone and idiot don’t make a mistake in your title. It’s ‘you’re’ or you are.

fixed for the grammar nazi. maybe they should update the rules then before closing posts for rules that don’t exist

We ask players to follow the rules laid out on the Character Bazaar for various reasons, including a need to reduce scam attempts. If you see a post in Character Bazaar that does not follow the rules, feel free to report it and it will be dealt with. All threads are treated the same in terms of the rules.

Also, insulting me never actually helps, so I recommend not doing it in the future. Thank you.

Thread closed.