Island Monkeys - Small Gang PvP with all the Fun (C3/NS EU TZ)

Go some roams planned for the weekend with escort’s into our hole. If you want to get a feel for us as a corp get intouch.

Roams going out tomorrow and Sunday, happy for people to join to get a feel for our corp

Another roam going out tonight for anyone interested in joining

Still looking for more people to join us

Roams again tonight, Join our discord if you want to join in and get to know us.

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To the top!

Still looking for more peeps to fill numbers.

Still looking


i saw the advertisment you posted on my post. however i may not be able to join because i cant fly an interceptor. is that a disqualifying factor?

@Tagren_Jett taking a look at your skills they are slighlty over the place. We can help you focus on these but i’d ideally have you train for an interceptor ASAP. Jump on our discord and we can talk more.

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Still looking for more members.

Looking to join a WH Corp, but I can only be online 2 nights mid week. Would that be an issue?

@Red_Evotori Nah mate won’t be a problem. Hop on out Discord and we can go from there :slight_smile:

Still looking for more people. had some good fun last night butchering some Null bears trying to desperatly to close a hole.,4444&b=9024360&e=90&t=rb

Still looking for.more.people

Still looking for more people