⚡ Isolated. [AL0WN] Enjoy a Challenge! WH PVP

Isolated. [AL0WN]

Isolated. Is a new corp filled with veteran wormhole players from all different wormhole entities. We prioritise the old-school wormhole mentality and way of living. Everything we do we do it together!

We live inside a C4 no effect wormhole with C4 and C5 statics. PvP is our main focus, we participate in small-to-medium-sized fleet engagements where every player’s actions matter. Killboard statistics are not important to us as we value the experience of a fleet with each other more.

Our daily routines start with scanning chains. Our connections are also rapidly rolled and scanned thus fast-tracking routes to PvP content. Our community is extremely active and we currently have 5 FC’s that log in daily. When we PVE it’s done as a group like the old ways.

Our group has been intact for many years. We have been involved in many key events in wormhole space which has made the community as strong as family. Our team is a diverse experienced group from the oldest vets to the newest players from all over the world. We enjoy sitting on comms and hanging out while we’re doing operations.

If this sounds like a community that you would like to call home please don’t hesitate to join our in-game channel: ISO PUB or our discord server http://discord.gg/gpcS8KfESH


Some loose footage of our first heavy armour brawl :nerd_face:

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One of our members found a juicy target today and we were able to secure the goodies, as he was the scout he gets to keep all of it :smiley:


Another very hard-fought engagement for us, a lot of learnings and enjoyment. GF

Sometimes you poke your head out the chain and spot beautiful things in the wild.

Sometimes you just have to throw yourself at things and see the outcome… works most of the time :hear_no_evil:

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small visual round up of of new beginnings

Join now… embrace the Kiki Menace in you!

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