Isolation Cult Looking for Wormhole pilots for our C4 with C3 and C2 static

We focus our operations during the EU timezone and welcome the use of ships of all shapes and sizes. No one likes to let their prize ships sit in hangars gathering dust, so feel free to come and use them with us.

Whilst a green killboard always brings satisfaction to those involved, a loss, no matter how blingy is punishment enough to bare as long as you burn with that creepy smile of impending retribution.

We aren’t afraid to take a fight when we are roaming nothing is worse than looking for content and not having any after an hour, the fights we take are not reckless but we do take the slim chances sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn’t but that’s what eve is about risk and reward.

what we are looking for is causal like-minded pilots that like to explore and have fun PvPing and PvEing with the following attributes :

-Have a working mic and willingness to be on Discord with the rest of the corp

-10 mill SP this can be wavered for the right-minded people we don’t mind helping new players out

-Can generate their own ISK wormhole space can give blue loot and relic sites that can give plenty of isk
income (risk and reward)

  • Interest in PvP and working in Small Gang engagements

-You must be able to scan down signatures as this is very important in wormhole life

-Most imporantly have the right attitude for fun and content whether we win or lose

If you like what you see please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us the following link will allow you to join our Discord for a chat :

Failing that contact Jameoverlord Catprint 1nv3r7 or Ascenity for further information

Last thing we Aren’t afraid to share our KIllboard yes it’s not the best but who cares.

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Isolation Cult is still recruiting

Still looking for new pilots to grow corp !

Isolation Cult is still recruiting


We are still looking for pilots

Isolation Cult is still recruiting

i am interested who DO I contact with ?


Isolation Cult is still recruiting

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