[ISSW] I Swear She Was 18 - Recruiting EUTZ individuals for Null PVP

I Swear She Was 18 is a pvp focused corp within Triumvirate, an aggressive null-sec PVP alliance focused on making or finding content and always looking for new challenges. ISSW began in lowsec and eventually transitioned to null. We are a group of friendly people who are experienced, generally high SP, and love pvp. Everyone is helpful and steps up in ISSW, and we hope any new recruits will bring that same attitude.

What we offer

  • Mature with plenty of experience and SP
  • Alliance SRP and pvp
  • Active, engaged, and approachable leadership with FC’s and content in both the EU and US TZ
  • Plenty of content: Everything from small gang roams to 100 man+ fleet fights and capital warfare
  • A relaxed, drama free atmosphere, lots of friendly people
  • Secure sov, ready to use between fleets

What we are looking for

  • Self-sufficient, PVP focused players.
  • No hard SP limit, but you must be able to fly all alliance doctrines
  • Ideally 1 dread/fax alt

Ingame Public channel: ISSW Boardroom


If this sounds enjoyable contact one of our recruiters:
Wolfsdragoon (USTZ)
Bacardidesire (EUTZ)

wow, seem like a cool bunch, throwing an application in!!

Glad to have you Mr. Drentu, you definitely weren’t already a member!

still lookin

come along

Come on down to beautiful Detroit

Come join so I can stop posting thanks

Hi hello still looking still open

Hi come join TIA

Many pvp available wow

still opennn

Still goin strong

Still looking for more gudbois

Come marvel at the wonders of Detorid

Still open to gudbois

I heard you finally got an alliance logo, is this rumor true?

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Yes young drentu, we have finally received our coveted alliance logo


come join thx

annnnd to the top

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hey hi hello apply today