(Pandulce) #1

Item is no longer for sale

Jump Freighter up for sale!

Its located in Uplingur system. Asking price is 8.2b
I can move it in lowsec system if it’s close.
Will create contract if someones interested.
Price is negotiable. :expressionless:

(Pandulce) #2

Still up for Grabs. Mail me or contact me in game. :slight_smile:

(Strongbad Utrigas) #3

Is this still available?

(Pandulce) #4

Yes It is.

(Strongbad Utrigas) #5

Message sent

(Pandulce) #6

Contract is up, as per agreement in message that you sent me. Waiting for it to finish. :slight_smile:

(Pandulce) #7