It's a Revolution I suppose (GB GR EU) join arms

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Your Path to Glory Starts Here

We are a EUTZ multinational corporation that supports numerous styles of gameplay which ultimately focus on PVP. We promise self-sufficiency and fighting effectiveness.

We recently opened our doors and we are actively recruiting. This is where you come in.

The corporation has had a thriving history and biography but went to non-operational for quite some time. Now we are looking to revive it and take part in making history again!

Rookies, but also old players that make a comeback and wanna feel comfortable again with the mechanics, are both welcome. We offer a specific training program just for that.

In order to join though, there must be a degree of trust and if not, we can provide you with ways to prove it over time.

:heavy_check_mark: WHAT WE OFFER

:heavy_check_mark:Low Sec Fleet Roams
:heavy_check_mark:Null Sec Fleet Operations
:heavy_check_mark:Gate Camps
:heavy_check_mark:Hot Drops
:heavy_check_mark:Capital Dunking

:heavy_check_mark:Safe Low-Security Area for Farming and Level 5 Missions
:heavy_check_mark:Safe 0.0 Security Sov. Area for Farming and Carrier Ratting
:heavy_check_mark:Industrial Coalition Network

At the end of the day and as we don’t truly mind how you make your ISK, you just need to become able to support and sustain your PVP activities. The corporation offers help in all directions but self-sufficiency must be there and in order to help us survive through difficult times.

We accept both pilots and corporations willing to merge.
Drop an EVE Mail to “Irine Merkure” providing as much feedback as possible. We will get back to you with even more details.

Thank You and Fly Safe!

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