Its time to join - TransGenders EvE capsuleers in Disguise

Anything is welcome.
Alpha or Omega
Low skills or High skills
chromosome x or chromosome y
if you think your’re caldari but associate youself as a gallente we wont judge

Anything will go.
contact here within the Cluster

Here comes a free bump and a friendly advise.

No one cares about gender/politics in this game, no need to appeal for such things on recruitment, still have time to edit the title. It will be way more productive to your corp

Take a step back… pause and breath. and think about EvE and the character creation.

I’m a girl playing as a guy. I assume you must be a girl playing as a girl?

Don’t assume … It’s a mistake.

So you’re a dude playing as a girl. Now you understand you’re a capsuleer in Disguise
Thanks for your time

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