IWHYS is recruiting audiophils for hot spaceship action in nullsec and pochven

In space no one can hear you scream, but we as a corp would like to be the reason, why you scream in agony and we would love to hear it.

Iwhys is a pvp-focused corp currently in the Brave Collective living in Pure Blind. We are with Brave currently engaged in a war vs Fraternity, which brings us a lot of fights right to our doorstep. Brave is also known in the universe for giving good fights, so a great number of roamers or npsi fleets come to our staging. Its hard to get bored in our staging. Theres a reason why Pure Blind is one of the most destructive regions in the game right now.
In nullsec Iwhys focuses in Brave on providing force multipliers/snowflakes, which require more effort than a normal fleet ship, but give greater, reward like bombers or boosher. We also do smaller corp deployments for higher stake content.
We also lead Brave into pochven and organize fleets to take on Flashpoints Observatories, which are the most lucrative PVE-site ingame right now and we have some smaller corp-only pochven related fleets.
Currently the corp has 2 big industry projects, which are all low skill and low isk investment for the indiviual pilot but should help players with less online time to get enough isk for their pvp efforts. We are always openminded to new people coming in to push the projects forwards or start their own with corp assistance.
We make sure that we never run out of ships to throw at other players for fun and we reward players in corp, who live by this philosophy.

We are looking for:

  • Various skilllevels from vet to newbie, but openmindness is very important to us. Brave is a newbie friendly alliance and has a lot of good infrastructure for newer player and the corp adds to it with 1 on 1 training sessions.
  • you need to have a microphone and be able to use it.
  • we require a certain activity in corp, but we dont attach a certain number on it. Its important to us that we know all of the people in our corp well and none of them are ghost. Ingame activity is as important as shitposting in discord.

Zkill: I Want To Hear You Scream | Corporation | zKillboard

If you would like to join please join our discord IWHYS and ping Dyxakser

We still recruit more people, yesterday we had some intensive action with fraternity Battle Report Tool

still recruiting

Still recruiting

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