JabberWock Mining and Industry is recruiting!

Alliance Contract market coming soon!

Come make some isk with us!

Ops scheduled

More recruits

Things are looking good!

Going out for some fun today.

You could be too!

jabberwock, the place to be!

JabberWock is still recruiting!

Had a fun gate camp the other day.

We are growing every day! Come be part of the fun!

Still growing and still recruiting!!

We are still recruiting, new bros and old bros too! Come see me in game soon!

Growing every day! Ice, belts and moons, we mine it all! Come join us!

Recruiting in progress! These rocks wont mine themselves. 0% tax!! Come see me in game today!

Still recruiting! Come join the fun with a great crew and 0% tax too!

Still recruiting! Exciting opportunities heading our way. Join us in the isk!

Lot’s of industry opportunities with us!

WE keep growing and growing! Come join the fun!

We are still recruiting!

Roids, ice, gas and moons, we mine it all! Join us today!

I’m new to eve. Did some mining for a while and I’m looking for a corp to explore it even more!