Jaded Enigma is Selective Recruiting

I’m an enigma, an unknown. A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an Enigma.
---- I am Jaded Enigma.

** This could be you. – THE EVOLUTION OF A JADED PILOT.
It wasn’t too long ago that I was floating around Ami as an alpha clone.
I was ready to find some super rare minerals in my Venture.
I had dreams to make trillions, and become one of New Eden’s most powerful Corporation CEOs.

Sigh,. Ignorance is bliss.

It wasn’t too long after I had started my mining campaign that I experienced my first podding.
I went poof. I went poof along with a staggering 1.3million ISK cargohold full of Pure Jaspet. I was shocked.
As I sat watching my frozen corpse floating amidst the wreckage of my mining ship, I was contacted by my killer.

“What are you doing out here. Fly with us.”

I took the invitation, and that invitation then sent me off onto a number of adventures.
From Devoid to Placid… then out into Fountain to help fight for our allies…
Then finally into the unknown, riding the endless waves of j-space.
I have stories of battles… like the "Rumble in Gallusiene"
You can ask Gibb Pollard or Dabai Khamsi about that one.
Or any of the countless fleets we’ve flown as a corp. The kills on our killboard all have their own story.

---- Fast forward 9 months. ----

With all my new experience, I no longer have dreams of mining my way to riches.
I have only one dream, and it is to see the frozen corpses of my enemies floating behind wherever my ship or my corpmates ships have been.
I have seen fights small and large, and I know even larger fights are in my future,
But my thirst for the salted tears of my enemies is insatiable.

Now -I’m back in Ami, with new skills. more experienced. FInally lethal.

Now- I see these systems as opportunities. hunting grounds. I understand now why I was so easy to destroy before.
Now - I can see myself in some of the capsuleers have I vanquished.

But I feel no pity. They ask me to spare them but that is what drives me forward.

A hunter’s hunger is never filled.

Fly lethal,
–Andre Chatuk , recruiter Jaded Enigma

Come fly with Jaded Enigma. We are a Wormhole corporation that is currently in the process of selective recruitment across US time zone. We offer different levels of content so you can get as much out of EVE as a person can. To see if you have the quality to rise out of your current rank, contact one of our recruiters. Make the most out of your Eve experience today, fly Jaded .

Join our chat room -Jaded Enigma -contact a recruiter in game or eve mail.
We will get back to you a.s.a.p.
To learn more.

  1. Omek Scarsdale (US),
  2. Jake Volten (US),
  3. Asheton Lane (US)
  4. Andre Chatuk (U.S)

What We Require From You:

★ Skill API with no expiration
★ To be on/in Communication Chain (TS3 / Jaded Enigma Discord -/ J.E forums)
★ A level of maturity and activity,
★Dedicated Self Sufficient pilots.
-( no one looking for a free ride and everyone willing to help out one another.)
★ Always keep in mind what you do will impact the corp and alliance.
-( always be Respectful to fellow members.)

What We Can Offer You
★ Friendly and Experienced pilots willing to help new players learn.
★ PVP Ops, small gangs in lowsec , 0.0 , worm hole , evictions
★ PI, Industrial Mining and Fleet Missioning.

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Recruiting is open. All tome zones -All types of players.

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