JEDJEs Corp is Hiring (Payed Positions)

Greetings fellow Caldari, both those at birth and those at heart.

There is one fundamental difference between us and the Gallente. This very same reason drove our ancestors to break away from the Federation and form our great state despite numerous hardships.
That reason is that the caldari believe that the best team is a close family. A Caldari is never alone, and the Jedje Corporation of Capsuleers embraces that truth.

Jedje is here to unite those who feel alone in their claustrophobia inducing pods with a great community that focuses on learning, fun, and mutual support. Our members are characterized by high levels of empathy, generosity, and dedication which creates an atmosphere of joy in the cold vacuum of space.

Whether you are mining, exploring, ratting, or just chatting with other members, you will be welcome.
Come join our family today, fordi familien er for evigt.

Member Payment System

Each month the top 20% of members who contribute most to corp wellbeing, with activity and interaction will be given a reward.

For these members 15% of the corporation Wallet will be split among them.

An additional 15% of the corporation wallet will be split among the remaining 80% of members.

An additional 20% of the corporation wallet will be used to pay the executives, and will be split at the CEOs discretion.

This practice will initiate on August first of 2021

Perks include

  • “Garbage” Trading System
    We will help you sell your unneeded goods.

  • Mining parties
    We will orchestrate organized mining forays in many environments.

  • Corp Activities
    We will organize fun games and competitions.

Note: If you have been formerly employed by a ganking corp, your application may take longer to be processed.

If your are interested please contact Theophilus Holmberg or Natru in Eve.

Pardon the bump

Pardon the bump

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