jEveAssets 6.0.4 (2019-05-16)

(Golden Gnu) #388

The Users part may be localized to your language. I’m from Denmark and it’s named Burgere.
It’s just a display thing, the actual folder is always called Users

(Golden Gnu) #389

jEveAssets 5.8.2 released

Bug Fixes:
-ESI structure import stops on 404 errors
-Minor improvement to thread safety on update

(Clutter Fonulique) #390

I am in the US so “Users” is correct. That is were my Saved Games folder is as well as others. I just don’t have a “.jeveassets” folder in there.

I did try place the folder on the main C: drive and still get the same results. A command window pops up and then goes away.

(salacious necrosis) #391

Windows find is your friend?

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(Golden Gnu) #392

I assumed you had used jEveAssets before, but, if you’re running jEveAssets for the first time, the directory may not have been created yet.
I will direct you to the wiki: jEveAsset will not run.
Let me know if that resolve the problem for you.

(Thurifer Censer) #393

I am getting a “the entered credentials was not valid” when I hit authorize on the SSO page

(Golden Gnu) #394

Are you using the official release from this thread? If so, please, email me the logs, if not, please, contact the developer of the version you’re using instead.

(Thurifer Censer) #395

Yes I am using 5.8.2 from the link above.

(Golden Gnu) #396

Thank you for the log. :slight_smile:
Could you try the following: jEveAssets will not run
Also, please ensure Windows is up-to-date.

The error you are getting are not really a jEveAssets bug. It’s a problem with Java and/or Windows.
Please, let me know if the above suggestions works for you, those are just the most obvious ones to try.

(Thurifer Censer) #397

Updating Java did it thanks!

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(Golden Gnu) #398

Thank you for reporting back. Good to hear it’s fixed :slight_smile:

(Ahuraa) #399

for me this option is not faster at all, it is much slower. (maybe its just me, i still have the problem were assets price data is not pulled some days, could be my app or pc )

Once more, thank you for the time you spend on this app and kep it updated for us.

(Golden Gnu) #400

Sorry to hear that. For me it takes 2 seconds to download all prices on the market with fuzzwork, while it takes 20 to 50 seconds with evemarketer.
If you want me to debug it, you need to email me the logs. I will look into it as soon as I have the logs.
:warning: do not post the logs here on the forum, they have your character names in them, that should be considered private.

(Golden Gnu) #401

jEveAssets 5.9.0 released

New Features:
-Added meta column to the stockpile
-Update from the command line (with -backgroundupdate)
-Use Bookmark endpoints to resolve structures (require new scope)
-Planetary Assets (require new scope)
-Multibuy export in the stockpiles shopping list
-Eve multibuy export in the Copy+ menu
-Blueprint Runs in the Stockpile tool
-Evepraisal in the loopup menu
-Adam4EVE in the lookup menu
-Eve-MarketData in the lookup menu
-eve-hub in the lookup menu
-evemarkethelper in the lookup menu in the lookup menu

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed system names in pricing regions selector. (Contributed by AnrDaemon) o7
-Fix for Bug ID: 739 (thread safety)

-Removed eve-markets from the lookup menu (dead)

-Better retry logic for ESI requests
-Updated EveKit library to 5.0.1
-Updated eve-esi to 3.2.0 (major improvements)
-Updated pricing to 2.1.1

(Abelard Andedare) #402

I’m probably just dumb, but I can’t figure out how this is this being used.

(Golden Gnu) #403

It add assets on planets (PI) to the asset list. The location will be the planet name.

I should add that any suggestions to improve this feature are most welcome.
I wanted to add it at the same time as bookmarks so you only have to update auth once.
The feature is mostly there “because Its possible”.

(Abelard Andedare) #404

I see that now. Very cool.

It might be useful to have the type of facility in the Container or Flag column perhaps. It might help to filter out the dozens or potentially hundreds of entries in the Tree view of 40 units for each and every Industry Facility (which can be kind of overwhelming if you have a lot of characters doing factory planets).

(Golden Gnu) #405

Thank you for our feedback, yes, adding the facility to the container field sounds like a great idea!
I have added a issue on GitHub

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(Ahuraa) #406

could you tell which file to email you. thanks

(Golden Gnu) #407

From the wiki:


Please send an email to and include the following:

  1. The jeveassets.log in the settings location
  2. Instructions on how to reproduce the bug

Settings location

Replace USERNAME with your username


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\ USERNAME .jeveassets
Vista and later : C:\Users\ USERNAME .jeveassets\


/home/ USERNAME /.jeveassets/