jEveAssets 7.2.1 (2022-05-30)

No, I can see why you would assume that, but, in this case it is not how it works. The ESI swagger file are generated on the run as endpoints come online goes offline they’re removed/added to the file. There are a couple of ESI dev blogs about the tech. Back when CCP was excited about ESI…

So they’ve perfected automation of ballsing up the API definitions too. Good job.

Is the ESI issue still not fixed? Just came back to eve a couple days ago and was trying to get back in with jeveassets and I just get 404 errors and unable to update?

same here. ESI assets return 404

It should be fixed now. But, It’s currently unstable. So, it may or may not work, depending on your favour with the CCP gods

This [Resolved] 20220517 - Services issues is why.

PS> Get-EveEsiStatus|where {$_.status -match 'red|yellow'}|ft
PS> (Get-EveEsiStatus).count

Still some services missing, the count was 205 before.

The status route is a joke. It removes endpoints from tracking status when they go down.

It says resolved but there is still some endpoints and routes missing.

Asset endpoints are missing

PS> Get-EveEsiStatus|where {$_.tags -contains 'assets'}|ft   
PS> (Get-EveEsiStatus|where {$_.tags -contains 'assets'}).Count

This thread is about jEveAssets - not general ESI issues.
Please, post your overly technically explanations somewhere else.
It’s not helpful to the jEveAssets users.

It was explaining WHY it isn’t working.

Good luck working WITHOUT the ESI endpoint.

You also don’t control what I say or do. You are not my master.

It is a PUBLIC forum, and it is ON TOPIC.

is it, really?

Yes, it is about the ASSET endpoint that jEveAssets CONSUMES.

It wasn’t until you edited your post above…

Yes it was. It was relevent as it was related to the SERVICES outage that I linked.

Now you’re just attacking messengers doing more damage to the topic.

And I can edit my post to add further information as I SEE FIT.

You edited in the last part " Asset endpoints are missing", before, that, when I was writing my post, it was just about services missing, not required by jEveAssets

Yes, that’s called adding more information.

Wise up.

but, my reply what to the original post, not relevant to jEveAssets users…

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jEveAssets 7.2.0 released

New Features:
-Added configurable colors to the industry jobs activity column
-Adding account automatically update existing account authorization (Issue #306)
-Separated ore and scrapmetal reprocessing calculations/settings (Issue #312)
-Added buttons to open the online manual (Stockpile/Table Filters/Settings)
-Added Eve Tycoon to the lookup menu

Bug Fixes:
-CLI -droptable -createtable -extended are always true (Issue #310)
-CLI tableName is always a empty string, DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `` (Issue #310)
-If sqlTableName is set in the GUI, It’s not used for CLI export (Issue #310)
-Fixed issues with CLI updates for multiple profiles
-Fixed delay between starting update and the update window showing (Issue #319)
-Fixed public market orders update progress finishing at 80% progress
-Fixed Industry Jobs having the wrong default filters (was Transactions filters)
-Fixed CLI export logging
-Fixed the current filter never being displayed as empty
-Overview export using current view (should use all)
-Fixed an old bug where Settings dialog would resize after being shown
-Fixed painting outside the EDT in JMainTab/MarketOrdersTab/RoutingTab

-Improved the reprocessing settings GUI
-Slightly better CLI help message
-The Stockpile dialog now better convey that selecting an include is required
-Show warning before updating outbid data with orders in unknown locations
-Made most toolbars more compressible and normalized icon buttons width
-Changed help menu to point to the wiki and wiki’s feedback and help

-Optimized stockpile New/Clone/Delete/Import/Hide/Show
-Optimized subpile updates in the stockpile tool
-Upgraded maven plugins to make it work with Java 17 (contributed by Burberius)
-Updated all the wiki links to the new site:
-Refactored ProfileManager/Profile/ProfileWriter/ProfileReader to be more OOP
-Added test to ensure dev build is always off (false)
-Ensure profile names are never duplicated
-Better error logging for ESI errors

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jEveAssets 7.2.1 released

Bug Fixes:
-Stockpile did not work with BPCs and runs

Is there still a problem with ESI endpoints because I’m getting 404 errors while updating my characters inside jEveAssets

Same problem here