Join a family, not a corp!

Looking for a family- like EVE experience instead of a huge corp where nobody knows you?

We created Operation Grayskull to be just that!

We are part of a charming Null Sec Alliance. For our many activities here we’re still looking for new members who’d like to have a good time and advance our capabilities.

We offer:

  • A nice, fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
  • RL first attitude!
  • High quality Null Sec access
  • Free beginner ships and SRP
  • Mining (Moons, Ore and Ice)
  • PVE
  • Planetary Interaction
  • Industry
  • Mostly small scale PVP

We are looking for:

  • Nice, relaxed, helpful and mature players
  • Decent English!
  • Being able to use TS3 and Discord

We require a full API key without expiry!

We welcome new players and Alpha players!

Main Timezones: EU & US

For more Info, join our ingame channel: OPGSK Public

Still recruiting! :slight_smile:

Still room for more! \o/

Curious, why do you need a full api key?

Mostly for safety reasons. No dire intentions. :slight_smile: But if you’re worried there are plenty of new player friendly corps/alliances who don’t need your API.

What Region are you in plz

More not wanting to divulge my Jira Trading secrets :slight_smile:

Scalding Pass (Angel rats)

Still looking for more members!

New players and Alpha players are still very welcome here! :slight_smile:

Looking for a corp?

Join our ingame channel: OPGSK Public

Looking for a nice Corp and plenty of opportunities? Talk to us ingame! :slight_smile:

Our systems still got room for more! Don’t be shy! :slight_smile:

There’s room for more!

Check out our corp! :slight_smile:

Updated and still looking for new members!

Looking for new members! :slight_smile:

Lots of opportunities waiting! Join today! :slight_smile:

Looking for more!

Looking for a new home? Join our public channel and have a chat!

Looking for more!