Join JAMCO and fly Great Wildlands! Proud member of True Reign alliance

JAMCO operates in the NPC null space of Great Wildlands and is a proud member of the True Reign alliance. We are a versatile corp looking for new members to expand our presence. We are a mix of old vets, experienced pilots, and new players who play casually and care-free for the enjoyment of the game. Our alliance and regional allies are very friendly and helpful. Great Wildlands is on the quieter and calmer side of null space, but there are plenty of opportunities out here no matter what your game style may be.


  • docking rights to several friendly stations
  • moon mining
  • ratting
  • alliance fleets with SRP
  • pvp roams
  • ship handouts
  • planetary production
  • jump freighter deliveries
  • discord


  • 10 million skillpoint minimum
  • must follow NRDS policy (Not Red, Don’t Shoot)
  • must train toward alliance doctrine

For more information, please join public channel: JAMCO

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