Join the Capitalist Army! (NPC 0.0) 💰

(Alekseyev Karrde) #61


(Alekseyev Karrde) #62

Looking for a few good dudes

(Alekseyev Karrde) #63

Dont let the Euros have all the fun!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #64

Had a heck of a week. Great time to join if you love small gang warfare!

(Marak Aivo) #65

Having a ton of fun with all the small gang roaming we’ve been doing. Getting some good kills, plenty of action to be had in Great Wildlands.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #66

Now with more alliance!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #67

Now with more tags :3

(Rhazul) #68

Evening. Is this the same Corp I keep hearing about on the declarations of War podcast? Sounds like an interesting place.

I’ll be in touch when I get back to my machine :+1:

(Nightjester) #69

Yes its the same corp as mentioned on declarations of war.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #70

Vacation is over and we’re back in business :smiley: 2019 is looking very exciting, great time to join up and get involved!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #71

Like small gang roaming? This is the corp for you!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #72

The ol’ bumparoo

(Nightjester) #73

Still After a few more good pilots.

Also looking for new corporations to join our alliance who are interested in both PVP and Industry.

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(Nightjester) #74

We have had a few pilots join the ranks.

Still looking for more pvp pilots to join the corp.

Also looking for corporations that enjoy small gang pvp or empire corps looking to make the next step.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #75

Where my PST homies at?

(Alekseyev Karrde) #76


(Nightjester) #77

Plenty of fun to be had in Great Wildlands.

Come and check us out.

(Alekseyev Karrde) #78

New episode of the podcast is out!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #79

Hooooweeeee currently defending our Fortizar from CVA while outnumbered 9:1. Get in on this!

(Alekseyev Karrde) #80

op success