Join the Capitalist Army! (NPC 0.0) 💰

Capitalist Army 2 crop

Looking for a small gang PVP experience with dependable fleetmates and a sense of purpose? Look, no further; The Capitalist Army wants you!

Despite being a small corp, we have recently founded a trade and roaming spot in Great Wildlands. Tbe Wildlands are the most up-and-coming NPC nullsec region in EVE and a great spot for PVE and PVP alike. We’re looking to build on that success and our core group of pilots through awesome small gang PVP community for fun and profit.

In addition to being a corp with the bold vision to use a semi-colon in their recruitment post, we also have this to offer:

  • High skilled small gang PVP ops every week
  • 1:1 and small group PVP training on-demand (new to PVP or EVE in general? Not a problem!)
  • Fertile hunting grounds in low, NPC null, and sov null (all within 10 jumps!)
  • Exciting trade, manufacturing, and exploration opportunities in and near our HQ
  • Streaming-friendly environment!

Our primary recruitment criteria is a great attitude and a growth-oriented mindset. The interview process is simple as fleeting up together and hanging out!

To find out more information, mail Alekseyev Karrde and join “Capitalist Chat” in-game or our Discord.

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+2 recruits who joined us for a fantastic lowsec op with our partners in Streamfleet. Still looking to grow more!

I have just joined Capitalist Army.

A great place for both PVP and PVE

Advise and time is actually spent on pilots when they join.

To find out more information, mail Alekseyev Karrde or join “Capitalist Chat” in-game.

He’s not alone! We’ve had a few new recruits in recent days and they’ve been wonderful additions to the corp.

Still looking for more!

Great Wildlands has been crazy today, come be a part of it!

Set for a sizable weekend of good times

Just had another pilot join. Still looking for more pilots.
To find out more information, mail Alekseyev Karrde or join “Capitalist Chat” in-game.

Super excited to see this growth.

Come and talk to us in the “Capitalist Chat”channel ingame.

Looking for pilots who are interested in pvp and living in 0,0.

NightJester was looking and he found em heh. I went away for vacation/work travel and came back to a thriving EU TZ.

Now I’m looking for US and Aus/Asia pilots to help us catch back up!

I just joined and having a blast! The market in great wildlands is great and the mix of fresh players and positive vets in corp makes for a fun atmosphere.

The best capitalists are ruthless capitalists. Come be one us :slight_smile:

Corp growth has been great over the last month, Still looking for pilots who are wanting to learn pvp in a friendly environment.

Join our ingame channel Capitalist Chat ingame now for further information.

+1 USTZ streamer, oh it’s true it’s true.

If you’re a streamer, YouTuber, or are considering starting Capitalist Army and Streamfleet alliance are a great place to fly. We’re for content creators, by content creators :slight_smile:

Can’t believe I’m mining but that’s how much I love this corp XD

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Been having a good time. Chill group. If you want to be apart of a small fun corp check us out!

The drums of war are beating… Can you feel the content!!!

Plenty of pvp action for anyone who enjoys small gang pvp.

We also have PI and Mining Moons set up for all Industrial pilots looking to make a living in 0.0.

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Even launched a mineral buyback program XD

40 member hype train!