🛰 Join the Circle of the Voluval! [PVE] [PVP] [INDUSTRIAL] EU:US:AU Time Zones



Welcome to The Circle of the Voluval!

If you are looking for a casual gaming experience that will offer support from a group of genuine people we are the corporation for you.

The Circle of the Voluval is a corporation that is focused on building a community focused on enjoying the game, whether you want to be a hard core PVP’er, a PVE’er hunting rats in a belts, or an industrial magnate running an empire, you can find your place here!

We believe that EVE is a hobby to be refined. Some might say that EVE is a marathon, we believe it is a relay race and you are the future!

–What we offer–

✪ Operations in both Highsec & Wormhole space with a C2 with a static C3 all our own

✪ Newbro Friendly

✪ Mining Fleets Both WH and HS with Orcas

✪ Mission Running/PvE/Ratting

✪ Fleet PvP content (Roams/Gatecamps etc.)

✪ Corp Ore/Loot Buy Back Program

✪ Newbro Advice and Skill Training Guidance

–What we are looking for–

✓ New & Vet Pilots Welcome

✓ Pilots who are willing to learn and be involved

✓ Use of Discord for voice comms

✓ Small Groups/Corps looking for a New Home

✓ Anyone who wants to help us build a better community to enjoy

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, give us a shout with any questions.

Reach out to us on our ingame recruiting channels:
COVOL Recruiting

Bump! Still recruiting all Capsuleers!

Bump! Still recruiting all Capsuleers!

Bump! Still recruiting all Capsuleers!

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