Join "The Commonwealth" and be a part of building something great!

Greetings Pilots,

We are “The Commonwealth,” an EVE Online alliance based in Null Sov space, and we are looking for corporations that share our vision of building something great together. Our alliance is comprised of pilots from all walks of life, united by our passion for EVE and our commitment to each other.

We are seeking corporations that are willing to use voice coms as an alliance. This is a crucial aspect of our community and allows us to communicate effectively in the heat of battle, as well as foster a strong sense of camaraderie among our members.

At “The Commonwealth,” you will have the opportunity to participate in large-scale fleet operations, engage in profitable industry ventures, and grow your corporation alongside like-minded individuals. Our alliance is built on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation, and we believe that together we can achieve great things.

If you are interested in joining our alliance, please reply to this message or reach out to us in-game. We look forward to building something great with you.

Fly safe,
“The Commonwealth” Leadership Team

Contact- Rex Barchurst in game


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