Join The Nordic Associates! - Casual nullsec life - RL first - All TZ welcome

About The Nordic Associates:

The Nordic Associates is a small to medium sized corp that is mostly industry related. We do other things aswell, like PVE and PVP.

What you can do in our space or for us?
Enjoy the game in your own pace, do what you like to do.
In general, we are a old school and mature group of players in NARVI that like to play EVE as we prefer and talk together about goals and whatnot.
Noone will tell you what to do(but we might ask you if you want to help with things), we want you to enjoy the game and not feel pushed into things that you dont like.

If you like mining and industry, that is a bonus for you as we also spend alot of time doing it.

Do you like to do ratting and escalations for pure isk?
You will have one of the best systems in the game to do it in with almost no competition.
It is Guristas space, if that floats your boat.

Do you prefer PVP?
You will get alot of entertainment, we have alot of small gang and solo pvp content in the area, roamers come by time to time and you will almost always have someone to hunt down for your pleasures.
We have standing fleet 24/7 and activity in all timezones in the alliance.

If you would like to know more or wish to join us, please click on the link below:
Join The Nordic Associates

join us XD

The door is still open :slight_smile:

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N.A.R.V.I is looking for u

Looking for new and veteran players

Happy weekend everyone

Still open for business

were open for all kinds of people

Door is still open :slight_smile:

fly safe everyone and swing by with us

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Are you looking for a stress free EVE life?

Still open for business :slight_smile:

Looking for casual players that eager to play EVE in their own pace.

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looking for more people to join the fun XD

Looking for you!

Looking for new and veteran players

hello to all ,hoping to also say welcome new friend