Jumping Star Gate Looping

Jump Gate at the Star Gate loops the Star Gate Jumping animation , without resolve.

I remember when Star Gate jumping was only cutting video, until the new system would load in the client.

Now, either, the jumping is delayed, with the animation being delayed, or the looping is stuck on infinite loop, which must be manually closed.

I don’t have video or Windows temp file data, however, it happened to Zarvox during live streaming .
This is not new.
I understand that on my system, the video driver error causes more problems (it stops the client every minutes or more sometimes, for longer than 5 minutes, sometimes).
However, even that video driver was not solved by the store who sells me the hardware and installs the OS with their engineering program , which has all the drivers for the OS.

They want me to bring them the machine to look at it.
I made video of it.
It would be more cost effiicient to buy a new system and to bring it back to them so they can analyse it, while I keep a copy of the so called bug.

For some reason, I have good reason to believe it does something else, perhaps neither by the store, CCP, or Windows, or the hardware company.

LogLite Report not ran nor included yet.

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