Jupiter Roughriders(177th) now recruiting [EU/US] - Lowsec pvp/indy corp

Jupiter Roughriders is a pvp/indy corp based in Amarr lowsec and is a founding corporation of the alliance No Forks Given. We are active every night of the week and like to have a good time on comms. Most of us are working professionals and we prioritize IRL.

We have a heavy US tz presence and a good EUtz core!

What 177th has to offer:

✪ Various content from Capital hot drops to kiki fleets.
✪ Experienced Corp and Alliance FCs.
✪ L5 mission agents with infrastructure.
✪ Many R4-R64 Moons to mine, Access to Dark ochre/Gneiss, loads of Booster Gas.
✪ Great manufacturing infrastructure conveniently close to highsec.
✪ Experienced players with knowledge to share.

What 177th is looking for:

✓ Self sufficient players with an interest in Industry/Missions/exploration
✓ Passion for making things go boom.
✓ Discord and TeamSpeak (this includes a mic)
✓ Full ESI/SEAT and Interview


Rorq Mining Tutorial feat. brittney

Corp advertisement video

Join our Discord: Jupiter Roughriders

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This is all lies and i recommend you to not join us!

  • there’s no content whatsoever!
  • our industrial capacities are a joke!
  • we have absolutly no skills!
  • our only passion is spinning in stations!
  • as a matter of fact: we never undock!

The only true statement above: Dario is running lvl 5’s seven days a week.


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What he said.

Discord link
Only join the corp if you get sarcasm.

We do pew pew

Great place to be. Lots of awesome people.


Bump! best corp in lowsec!


dont make the mistake of joining a null block! come pewpew and make bank in lowsec. no pesky bubbles here!


Bump bunp

:star_struck: we give no forks!


This is where we link our losses…

Best place to be!

Still recruiting EU and US players

we are recruiting again!


KAAAAAAAAAAAAIN (ow wait it was khaaan wasn’t it)

only for the tryed and tested, best space awesome alliance.

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