Kabar Restoration Funding [PLEX for Good] CONCLUDED

Councilor Wayaki Kayara
“All of us have seen the devastation on our homeworld, the legacy of the Doa dea Kabar, and many of us have experienced that legacy first hand. I have just returned from Kabar and I bring a message of hope that an old wrong may be righted and our ancient home be restored to us. The initiative to restore Kabar has made such progress as you would not dare hope for. That I dared not hope for. Yet it requires more from us all and, I say, from this Federation that so long neglected Kabar and only rewarded the service of so many Mannar in its cause with limited aid to us here on Mannar Seginde.”

As many or few may know, the Mannar homeworld of Kabar was rendered barren after an ecological disaster in FC91 in which an insect species was brought to extinction. Efforts were made to prevent the extinction and cure the plague that affected them, but were unsuccessful. Many of the affected individuals of the Mannar homeworld took on new lives in domed surface and subterranean arcologies. Others migrated off-world to Leremblompes II - Mannar Seginde.

I lament the circumstances that have befallen the Mannar and sympathize. No people should see their homeworld brought to such ends. That action is still to this day taken to restore Doa dea Kabar to its former majesty, and the will of the Mannar has not been broken since the disaster, inspires me greatly.

Following the call by Councilor Wayaki Kayara for additional support, the Federation-sympathetic pilots of Electus Matari have started a funding drive to aid the restoration initiative. We understand that many pilots’ funding is often restricted to other matters and their assets oft prized - the ability to aid is limited… As such, we have semi-private hypernet offers of unused, higher end assets for those who wish to participate.

All proceeds for these assets will be given directly in support of the restoration initiative [Through PLEX for Good!]. We encourage those who wish to assist in this effort to participate in the hypernet offers (mail me for information), start their own funding drives, and/or donate directly to the cause as they see fit.




Still have two hypernets (Rattlesnake and the Genolution implant) available but are expiring very soon (<35m at the time of this post).

Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far! We are aiming to add a few more soon.


Previous offers have all closed. At current, we have a Sleipnir on offer. As before, if you are interested, please join the mailing list and you will be provided links to purchase HyperNodes.

EDIT: Leshak and Machariel are now up for offer.

Thank you everyone for your participation!



Thank you everyone for participating in this fund raiser. We contributed 1,283 PLEX to the fund at the conclusion of the most recent hypernets. As the deadline is quite near, it is probably unwise to start new offers; this fund will now draw to a close and the mailing list shuttered.

To the homeworlds of New Eden.


Thank you for setting this up! Good work.

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