[KAIRI] Kairiola's Legacy AU/east Asia Tz FW corp

We are a smaller group part of the I-RED alliance fighting on behalf of the Caldari state in the Caldari-Galente warzone. We have newer players and salty vets alike. We focus on pushing the Gallente hard by capturing the warzone. We also have access to nullsec ratting and industrial facilities. We fly with safety green so don’t worry about loosing security status. We primarily fly caldari ships but you are welcome to bring others as well to most ops. We would love to meet you, join our discord to learn more: Kairiola's Legacy [KAIRI]

Bringing out the carriers (you don’t need one to join it’s fine, newer players welcome):

And here is a cheesy corp video if you like that stuff :wink:

Still looking for some great pilots to fly with us!

Big payout from the event now back to the front lines! Will you join us?

Smacking frogs, making LP, winning systems, what’s not to love? Join us today!

still smacking frogs and looking for some great people to fly with! :slight_smile:

The gallente aren’t going to beat themselves (much, they do have civil wars), join the good fight today!

Need brave fighters to help counter the enemies latest push!

Still looking for some great people to fly with!

Fight for the state!!

Always on the lookout for new team members! :slight_smile:

so… we do mining ops now apparently! But still focus is FW and smacking the frogs!! :slight_smile:

Studies have shown frogs are easier to splat when you join us! :slight_smile:

Frigate roam tonight, you could be flying with us! :slight_smile:

Now with youtube video!

Caldari are making rapid gains, you could be making them with us! :slight_smile:

Great bunch of guys. Helped me a lot while I was learning even though I was not in their corporation.