Kansas City Shuffle. [KCMO] is looking for an EU corporation to join our ranks! (Null Sec)

 I'll preface this post by stating that we aren't just looking for anyone like the rest of the alliances in New Eden. We are looking for people that want to be part of a smaller entity and actually mean something in the way they participate. A pilot who's voice can be recognized on comms and is valued for their accomplishments no matter how small.

We are KCMO, an alliance that recently stumbled our way out of a wormhole and managed to carve out a small area of space for ourselves. We pride ourselves in the idea behind “take any fight regardless of the odds”. It is this thinking that has gained us a decent reputation whether friend or foe. We have both prior service and current active duty military members so if you fall into that category you’re already a perfect fit. If you are a new player you’ll find that we are willing to teach as is customary for any “old pro NCO” so don’t be afraid to apply so long as you’re active and eager to get into the game.

Rule #1: Always clap cheeks
Rule#2 Always look cool
Rule#3: In case of failure in Rule #1…see Rule #2

What we offer:

Carefree environment
Active participation
Solid infrastructure
“Can Do” attitude
Discord Comms

If interested refer all requests to Towelie Smokesalot, X Treme1, or besttrade for further information or feel free to message me on here.

JOIN OUR Discord

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