Khanid and Slavery

The Khanid are implied to be generally quite cruel, relative to the Amarr, in their treatment of slaves. However, they are also implied to regularly free slaves and make them citizens. What exactly does this mean? A Roman-like system where slaves are gradually assimilated into their culture and freed after a few decades of service? Are a significant portion of their citizens descendents of slaves? Does this mean that there are ethnic Matari Khanid citizens?

It would help if we knew from where you derived these implications. It would also help you if you could clarify whether you are referring to the Khanid bloodline, the Khanid Family, or the Khanid Kingdom.

Watching this for more info! The Khanid Kingdom is also much more relaxed than most of the Empire about the use of TCMCs in a variety of ways and it is definitely part of their slavery culture- but we don’t see much detail about that either.

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Actually, the Khanid are said to free their slaves considerably less than the Empire.

"Compared to the Empire, the Khanid take a more pragmatic view of slavery. Perhaps due to Khanid II’s supposed assertion that his rule held primacy over God’s, the task of training slaves to become members of the Kingdom’s society is not considered vital. While the religious leaders in the Kingdom still espouse the concept of slavery as a form of putative enlightenment, many consider this little more than lip service. Indeed, relatively few freed slaves are present in the Kingdom, and it is rare that a Holder frees large numbers of his slaves. "
-Slavery, EVElopedia

What you describe, in terms of a Roman-like system, while somewhat applying in the Kingdom, is much more the case in the Empire. Though when slaves are freed it is generally after many generations, not a few decades.

There might be some free Khanid Minmatar, but considerably fewer than in the Empire.


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