Khanid Raptors - Amarr Faction Warfare/ Low Sec PVP

{Khanid Raptors} - new corp

Looking for old and new players to form a new community in the eve world and make our own mark.

A fresh start, I have been in and out of eve since 2008, and have always been drawn back to it and have barely scratched the surface of what this game offers.
I have made the decision to venture into that lonesome and lost territory of trying to start up a new corp.
I have run online clans before in other games but the prospect of an eve corp of our own still draws me.
I invite anyone wanting to build something new to consider joining me to see what we can achieve as a small dedicated group.
I’m looking for team mates to help me build the foundation of something new.

Purpose - Small gang pvp,
Characteristics I’m looking for: fast paced, competitive dedicated.

Short term:
5-15 members across tz to form a corp foundation.
Dominate amarr faction warfare in proficiency

Long term: 60-80 corp members with regular fleets, blops and capital ships.
Expand into piracy and null sov as a valued member of an alliance.

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